Monday, 25 February 2008

Whats it all about then?

I am starting this blog towards the end of an illuminating if somewhat disillusioning 3 years at Sussex University, Brighton, UK. On the plus side, it dragged me forever from the possible trap of working in an office for the rest of my life, oblivious to the alternative, and has given me my idea for the book I intend to write upon leaving. On the downside, it has left me angry and frustrated at the state of university education, the rigid parameters you are expected to conform to and the slow and painful corporate takeover of British universities.

Yet all that is nearly behind me and I shall finally be able to vent my spleen in a way that attempts to make a difference, something sadly lacking at Sussex University who seem intent on walking further from the revolutionary reputation it gained itself in the 60's and 70's. Now its just another corporate bitch.

So whats this blog about? Eventually I plan to air my ideas as I write my book, get feedback and comments and (hopefully) give you all the chance to participate in a paradigm breaking books creation (I did say hopefully...). Until then, my dissertation takes priority, something I will write on here once I have a few readers!

This is important... dont believe a word I say. That is, dont take what I say for granted. I will try at all times to add links to my sources or guide you to certain books etc that i have found... but I am just one point of view... the same as every other individual. What I say may be fact, it may be opinion... but I will try my hardest NOT to confuse the two and to make it clear.

So what is my point of view? This I want to make clear right away. I am on whichever side regards all of human life equal. Essentially, i feel that the current system of nation states are inherently and unavoidably nationalistic and that the resulting forms of 'pragmatic' foreign policy governments employ are immoral if it is to the detrement of people outside ones own borders. I believe in adhering to Human Rights laws, International laws and the like, be you 'rogue state' or 'world superpower'. In short, I believe that no-one has any form of 'right' higher than anyone else and so, in line with the title of my blog, I proclaim my view to be Globalism - One world; One People.

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