Friday, 19 March 2010

Guardian fucks up once again...

The 'Why everything you've been told about Evolution is Wrong' article has 45 tweets already and rising rapidly.

Well done Guardian sub-editors. That'll be the creationists going into a frenzy ignoring the fact that the article was written by someone with the critical abilities of a mouse in front of a cheese-laden mousetrap and that it was about a book whose premise has been regarded as a fallacy for decades (which it most obviously is).

Well-done indeed. What an absolute waste of my time. The Mail would be proud of such a misleading and nonsensical title. And to invoke Anne Coulter of all people? Is that the best that could be shown of Fodors allys? A woman who thinks Jews need perfecting and is about as qualified to speak on evolution as a fucking brick wall? Less so in fact: the Brick wall isn't a fundamentalist Christian pre-programmed to scream "God created us! See, look how i'm not ugly! Put me on TV!"

FFS Guardian.  Fucking Morons!

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