Monday, 8 November 2010

This guys awesome! Dr Wheeler and his giant balls/tiny conscience.

Check out this website!  Immediately one is thrown back to the heady days of the late 90's... it's been a while sicne I've seen such a great website!  This guy is selling water for $100's, sorry, 'living' water, so I thought I'd send him an email...

Dear Dr Wheeler

Do you actually make a living off of this?  Dude, you have huge balls.  And a tiny, tiny conscience.  It's just water!  If, as you say, it represent a medical breakthrough, could you please show me where you have invested in proper clinical trials, double-blinded with control groups?

I'm presuming you have done this right?  After all, to be in possession of such a life, nay society changing breakthrough as this I presume that you don't merely intend to get rich from it?  I know that's the impression people might get, after all you clearly haven't even spent money on your website since the late 90's but is it too much to ask that you attempt to bring this out of the closet and into the mainstream?  You could help million, nay billions of people!

So, what do you say?  You gonna show me the research?  Otherwise answer me this... are you only in it for the money, or are you simply so shy and reserved that not even changing the world for the better would make you stick your neck out for your fellow humans?

All the best,



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