Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rumours of Potcoin interest among dutch companies? Yes please!

Here's a google translation of an article about Potcoin found on a Dutch website:

"Bitcoin has become a well-known method of payment. The value of this cryptocurency rose quickly to new heights. It is even expected that the value will continue to rise. Crypto crypto currency or currencies is digital money. Your download for each currency a wallet. With this wallet you also get direct your wallet address. Through wallet addresses purchases and sales can be sent. In the case of the POT is called a potcoinadres.

Why virtual money?

Perhaps virtual money could be expected in a virtual phenomenon as the Internet. Every day, more and more people online payments, do you need to log in to your bank. Many people do not like this because there is sometimes a thing goes wrong. Virtual money just gives a sense of security. You do not bench anymore. There are other reasons to think. The Coins can be won by minas them that way so you actually get free money. : I find interesting relatively new coin


PotCoin, for whom?

PotCoin for people over 18 who want to do in the form of products that are for sale in coffee shops (for example) or in online shops, which is weed and / or hash and sold such purchases. The PotCoin will be exchanged only if the target virtual money. Currently, the coin is not yet widely interchangeable, but this is changing rapidly as possible.

PotWallet wallet on your computer

A wallet (purse) to save the PotCoins must be downloaded from the official website. The wallet is quite easy to download and is available for both Windows and Mac.

Wallet Online

There is also the possibility to take what one is as safe as possible, but the risk of burglary could in principle be higher than if you put a wallet on your computer. Larger an online wallet

Mining pools

Through the establishment of mining pools the designers of this new coin want to start caring at the PotCoin a widely accepted method of payment will be for products within the cannabis users and shops. Wallets can be downloaded for:


Value PotCoin

The current value of the PotCoin is on the official website. We will keep an eye on the value and update regularly. Currently, there is no real value to be determined because the coin is still so young. However, the coin have been very popular, as it is acknowledged as the official currency of exchange, the value can rise explosively. On February 1, 2014, the coin is estimated at 0.00003100 According to rumors, several Dutch companies expressed interest and view them what the possibilities are.

Editor's Note: As long as the value of PotCoin not official, you can not derive any rights from rumors and information and keeps buying these coins a gamble."

So, several Dutch companies are expressing an interest, huh? I like the sound of that!

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