Friday, 12 February 2010

What's around the corner for this planet?

Having just had a flick through the book 'The Coming Insurresction', I can't help but be quite pleased that such memes are on the loose.  If you haven't heard about it, it is a short book, a radical-left examination of the failures of capitalism and a call-to-arms manifesto outlining tactics and stratedgies for securing a post-capitalist society.

Now, I don't for one minute think it's all so easy.  Getting people to unite under one banner is impossible in the very near future without considerable indoctrination through localised monopolies on memetic production.  But here's the rub... it's going to happen anyway, revolution or no.

What differentiates individuals morality is the breadth of folk encompassed within it.  In this way I regard someone who professes a desire for the world as a whole as more just thn those who limit their moral intent to those of the same socio-economic, race, religion or nationality.  It's a matter of expanding morality to the one common denominator: humanity on a global level.

Capitalism knows this.  Don't think so?  Think back 100 years to when capitalism treated the majority of it's own people to the kind of exploitation now reserved for the third-world.  This is not a trivial statement, nor does it condone the exploitation that exists today.  It merely states that capitalism was forced to outsource exploitation (at least, the explicit kind) to where it remained hidden.

Yet, since capitalism insists on spreading communication infrastructure to all corners of the globe, what was once hidden is now being opened to the light of day.  It is the latest part of the transformation of capitalism.  Sure those at the top are still in a selfish bubble, but the majority of people who partake in the capitalist model don't, and they are subject to change alongside the rest of society.

Capitalism relies on consumers, consumers that are becoming more moral as their daily lives become more global in influence.  There is only so far capitalism can go in claiming the monopoly on memetic forces that would be needed to stop the memetic drive toward equality.  For capitalism to stop becoming more moral it would require the state to become more authoritarian. 

This is why the sort of revolution spouted by 'The Coming Insurrection' is not only wrong but, if implemented, counter-productive.  I say if implemented because until then, they merely represent a data-set from the far left that can be assimilated along with the other biased, radical agendas and contribute to a diverse memepool, the only thing necessary for moral progression.  That revolutionary ideology is no longer needed I feel, a relic from centuries past that, through it's ongoing appeal helps show that injustice is still very much a part of the capitalist system.  They need to take a leaf out of the Zapatista movement in Mexico, who laid down their arms until the people told them they were needed again.  That was in the 90's and they are still true to their word.

It need not be that way.  Imagine the same system but with coops instead of shareholders, with a pay ratio cap between top and bottom.  Bam!  You have the most moral system of commerce yet.  Combine it with greater direct democracy and a devolution of power to the local level and you have a more just system of society than ever before.

It will happen of it's own accord.  It is most rational.  And as it becomes ever clearer, those dissenting voices in power who risk losing that power will seem ever more irrational.  As much as we may dislike this corporate, sham democracy and immoral capitalism, they are not exempt from change.  THAT is the key, THAT is why it'll be alright in the end.

So long as we keep the internet free.

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